Kresimir Popovic: Past One O’clock / part two


3d video, prints, installation

Opening 17th April 2015 (Friday), 18-20h

Sat-Sun 18th-19th & Sat-Sun 25th-26th April 12-17h

Inspired by my everyday, I did a short 3d film that you can see in the gallery’s down floor. on the first floor, I’m showing some prints, mainly of 3d renderings and also showing some things that I have on my workbench and in banana-boxes piled up in my working room. Ideally I would not need any gallery to show that stuff, instead I would invite you to come home to me so you can look around and see what I do.

On my workbench I have lots of consumer electronic “garbage” that I open and than look at. I often read what is written on chips and try to find out what is their purpose by reading user manuals on-line.

- Kresimir, what is this?
– An old VHS-C camera… I found a cassette in it. Do you want to see on it.
– Yes, someone had it on their vacations… Just mountains. Is it in Latin America?
– I don’t know, maybe. Look, here they are at the hotel pool.
– That’s why camera smells like sun-lotion? OK. Stop it now, let’s try to charge it.

Abandoned electronics never had a chance to grow up,
to develop their full potential,
they never had real friends,
someone who would take them seriously.

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