Anastasia Artemeva ja Steve Maher : LEVIATHAN


10.06. – 02.07.2017
Oksasenkatu 11, 00100 Helsinki

Auki To-Su 13.00 – 18.00
Avajaiset perjantaina 9.6 klo 18-21, Tervetuloa!

Anastasia Artemeva and Steve Maher : LEVIATHAN

10.06. – 02.07.2017
Oksasenkatu 11, 00100 Helsinki

Open Thu–Sun 13.00 – 18.00
Opening of the exhibition on Friday JUNE 9th, at 6–9 pm,


Leviathan ilmenee allegoriana kautta kirjallisuuden ja mytologian. Joissain taruissa se esiintyy  merten hirviönä, jättiläisenä kalana tai valaana, kun taas toisissa Leviathan kuvaa jotain joka alleviivaa maailmamme materiaalia, muuttuen itse maailmaksi sitä hotkimalla, ahmimalla.

Leviathan on Steve Maherin ja Anastasia Artemevan yhteisnäyttely, jossa galleria Oksasenkadun tilat on muunnettu fiktiivisen leviathanin ruuansulatusjärjestelmäksi sukeltaen syvälle gallerian ytimeen, kellaritilaan, jossa yleisö tulee kokemaan Leviathan-installaation valojen, äänen, tuoksun, kuvan ja esineiden kautta.


Throughout literature and mythology the leviathan re-occurs as allegory. In some tales it is a beast of sea, a giant fish or whale. In others it is an organisation, something which underpins the fabric of our world, engulfing it, consuming it, becoming a world itself.

Leviathan is a dual show concept by Steve Maher and Anastasia Artemeva, in which the gallery of Oksasenkatu 11 is re-configured as the digestive system of an imagined leviathan, delving deep into the depths of the galleries core, basement level, the audience will be immersed within an artwork installation through the arrangement of lighting, sound, scent, image and objects.

Steve Maher is a visual and relational artist from Limerick, Ireland based in Helsinki, Finland and working throughout Europe and North America. He is an independent researcher, writer, inventor and artist. Maher’s work takes place across many platforms with a keen focus on collaborative process and co-creation in socially informed work. Maher has been featured as part of several international biennales, conferences. Recently he represented Finland at the Moscow Biennale of Young Art 2016 and at STRP Biennial 2017 Eindhoven, he presented at Parson’s School of Design, New York and is the sole recipient of the Kieran Meagher legacy award.

Anastasia Artemeva is a Russian/Irish artist working and living in Helsinki. She earned a Master of Arts degree from Aalto University as well as a BA degree from Limerick School of Art and Design in Ireland. Artemeva studies interaction and creates a setting for it. She is interested in the codes of social norms and accepted truths, questioning transparency and exclusivity affected by socio-political, cultural and personal restrictions. Her recent international project Prison Outside brings together artists, researchers and criminal justice advocates across the world and is supported by the Kone Foundation.

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