Self-Portrait with a Large Cock : Joonas Jokiranta

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20.1. – 4.2.

Avoinna Torstai – Sunnuntai 14.00-18.00
Gallery open Thursday – Sunday 14.00 – 18.00
Avajaiset Perjantaina 19.1. klo 18.00 Tervetuloa!
Vernissage Friday 19.1. at 18.00 Welcome!

Self-Portrait with a Large Cock

Artworks assembling themes of being an amino acid-built man and an artist in a New World

Why is this only in English? – Cultural imperialism. Lingua franca. The new norm.
About performing
When I’m performing next to the camera, I’m a naked ape cock distracted by intelligence, too ugly to be an empty canvas, too proud to be anything else, worth many kilos of fertiliser just as everyone is – we are all subjects and objects at the same time. Does it really matter what I do? I’m breathing
and sweating with my stomach swollen by coffee and unhealthy food. And, of course, I’m only keen to make my mark in the world – and as fast as possible. I’m painting myself on the wall and – people might say – exaggerating some of the body parts.
Me and my cock
I had to paint a picture of me and my cock.
That’s one of the few things I’ve always wanted to do.
As I invite viewers cocks inside, they are able to see me and my cock staring from the wall. They congregate, analyse and finally leave the gallery only to carry on with their lives as cultural beings, searching for worms to catch and protecting their territories by pecking fellow cocks in the eye.
Men and animals
A person with an animal in a painting is a part of a long tradition in art just as is contrasting a man with an animal which I officially refuse to do, because it’s a cliché and a taboo. Pictures of naked bodies have always been popular. Our bodies – male, female, feathered, furry, hairless or skinned –
are spiritually and banally gateways to a wider understanding, brotherhood and oneness.


Chicken in the yard
As a child I lived in the countryside with my family. We had several chicken in the yard. To one of them, I gave the name Lasse because I thought she was a cock. During the months that followed she grew up to be a hen. She kept fleeing from the cage. She was a sneaky predator always trying to catch worms and my tuna sandwich. As the sun set, my cock sat down next to our front door
waiting for someone to gently carry her back to the henhouse for a good night’s sleep.
Joonas Jokiranta (born in 1980 in Köyliö, Finland) creates visual poetry, physical essays and absurd yet truthful statements which explore the past, the present and the dystopia. Non-politically and politically, he intertextualizes everything. Using video, sound, objects, various materials and his own body, he offers the audience a chance to join the spiritual yet shallow journey through decadence in the post-industrial society.

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