secum eaqualis gravitatem_inma herrera_oksasentatu11

4.11. 2018 – 30.11.2018, Oksasenkatu 11

Opening 3rd of November 2018 17.00–19.00


Avoinna / Open

Ti-Pe / Tue-Fri 14-18

La-Su / Sat-Sun 12-16

Secum Aequalis Gravitatem focuses on the deconstruction of the process to produce an image through the use of intaglio printmaking techniques, and presents a series of artworks which dance within the fields of printmaking, sculpture, video and installation. The exhibition displays a varied spectrum of experiments whose inspiration originates from the artistic and graphic legacy of the artists José Ribera and Giambatista Tiepolo in a very discrete way. Besides that, they are inspired in the display of certain kind of imagery present in the Italian Baroque churches, and re-enacts a contemporary and abstract reinterpretation of the remains from the Roman ruins and temples. The show poses a refection on the origins of an image, not always literally, as it mostly remains invisible or hard to reach. Just as if a sacrifice had taken place, a fayed skin is used to dig into the power of the matrix, the plate which originated it.

The title in latin, whose translation to English would be “Entailing Equal Seriousness” is the context for the solo show of the Spanish artist Inma Herrera. The exhibition brings about subtle suggestions of violence, a quiet conversation between the looking eye and executing hand, and the presence of a stripped image accompanied by the reflections of the metallic copper, propose the personal reading of the artist’s stay in Rome, and conforms part of the research and production she developed in this city during a nine-month residency at the Spanish Academy in Rome between 2017/2018.

Inma Herrera (1986, Madrid) studied Fine Arts and Art Creation and Research (MA) at UCM, Madrid. She was trained as Print Media Specialist at the Spanish Royal Mint, Madrid. Recently she finished her MFA studies in Kuvataideakatemia, Helsinki. She works on practice-based projects which examine the fragility and genesis of an image, the physical dimension of labor, and the revival of the craftsmanship in defiance of the ‘relative dematerialization’ of the body in the era of technology and virtuality.

This project has been possible with the support of Suomen Taideyhdistys, and MAEC-AECID, ES. The show is curated by P14, with the special support and assistance of Ulla-Maija Pitkänen.

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