Exchanges in Reverse


Exchanges In Reverse

7-16 June 2019

Opening, Friday 7, 17-20, Warmly Welcome!


Thu – Fri 13-17

Sat – Sun 12-17

Oksasenkatu 11

00100 Helsinki



The Finnish/Swedish collaboration between the artist run gallery spaces ID:I Galleri and Oksasenkatu 11 will further develop with the exhibition beginning June 7 with an ID:I curated show at Ok 11 in Helsinki. The exchange will continue in Stockholm in August with Finnish artists returning the favor at ID:I Galleri in Stockholm.


The theme of the exhibition is Exchange, both from a strictly material perspective but also from a cultural viewpoint. Visual art crosses national borders quite effortlessly. I it does not need to be translated into another language, unlike a book for instance. Artistic expression isn’t necessarily made in a native tongue.

Alexander Mood

Dan Lageryd

Cindy Dumais

Matheu Valade

Julien Boily


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