Bettina Wind & Alexandra Ferreira: *No Past Today*

Tervetuloa lehden julkistamistilaisuuteen!
Welcome to the launching event of newspaper project!

Ke 9.6 kello 18.00 – 20.00 / Oksasenkatu 11

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*No Past Today* on uusi englannin- ja suomenkielinen lehti…

“Helsingin taide-elämässä ei ole tapahtunut juurikaan muutoksia uuden
vuosituhannen ensimmäisten vuosikymmenien aikana” – tähän lopputulokseen
pääsee ulkomainen lehti tammikuussa 2020 katsauksessaan, joka käsittelee
Euroopan taide- ja kulttuurielämää. Mutta ehkä heiltä jäi jotakin
huomaamatta …

“Not much has changed in Helsinki’s culture scene over the first decades
of our new millennium,” a foreign newspaper concluded in their overview
of Europe’s art and culture field in January 2020. But perhaps they were not
looking closely enough…

*No Past Today* is a brand new magazine in English and Finnish tackling
the questions and issues that workers in the art and culture field are
confronted with in their local and translocal environments. The magazine
offers insider and outsider views on current dynamics that affect the
culture system as a whole, and daily life in its details. It provides
solutions to tricky questions about work life and raises others about
seeming solutions offered to those engaged in the culture sector.

*No Past Today* is a true science fiction.

– Alexandra and Bettina


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