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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010


Cher Ami

They say that if a pigeon finds a new route from a certain place to another, it is easier for the next pigeon to find that same route. Even though the two pigeons would not have had any contact to each other. But what is a new route for a pigeon? All the routes in the sky are straight. There is not any maps or routes in the world of the pigeon, only straight lines and points where they end.
The world of the carrier pigeon consists only of one point and infinity of lines that end in the one point. That one point is the home of the pigeon, and at the same time it is the place where it delivers the message. Somebody must take the pigeon away from it’s home for it to be able to return with a message. And the message that is delivered, you cannot answer it. Unless, of course, the message came from a home of another set of pigeons, and there is a pigeon waiting to get back home.
Here is two opposite models of communication. In the first instance, the communication happens on it’s own accord, and even without the participants being aware of it. It is the collective unconsciousness that guides the pigeons. In the second instance the communication has the most private form you can imagine. You cannot even answer the message.
When I am in love, I want to send my loved one birds, not flowers.

a twin exhibition of Galleri Bergman and Oksasenkatu 11

Tärvetuloa to the opening march from Galleri Bergman to Oksasenkatu 11,
friday 19.3 Gathering at 4 pm, Uudenmaankatu 23c (inner yard).
March starts at 5pm.

(open wed-sun 12-18 from 20.3-28.3 Uudenmaankatu 23c (inner yard) and Oksasenkatu 11)

participants of the group:

Erika Erre
Arvid Hedin
Lotta Ingman
Pipsu Isola
Jaakko Karhunen
Taneli Rautiainen
Nestori Syrjälä
Laura Wesamaa